Virani Industries was established in 1961 as a family business. The beginning was to manufacture Spur Gears to cater to the growing Diesel Engine Industry of Rajkot.

In 1968, with the import of the first Klinglenberg Spiral Bevel Gear Generator, the foundation was laid for expansion. Over the years, the product range was widened and the focus was shifted from Diesel Engine Industry to Automobile Industry, Machine Tools Industry, Power Tools Industry and Sewing Machine Industry.


As the company grew, the Spur and Helical Gear division was spun off into a public limited company - Sar Auto Products Ltd. ( ) - an ISO9002 / QS9000 company - catering to Major Indian Tractor and HCV Manufactures. The Straight Bevel Gear Division was spun-off into yet another company - and Virani Industries specialized in Small Spiral Bevel Gears and Small Spur and Helical Gears.

Today, the group's Annual Turnover is over US$ 4 million.

At Virani Industries, we specialize in gears for Industrial Sewing Machines, Power Tools, Agricultural Equipments, Auto-Electric Starter Motors & Speedometers, Two Wheelers and Machine Tools.