We have all the necessary Infrastructure which includes the following:

Gear Cutting Division
Klingelnberg Section
Name of Machine Qty
Spiral Bevel Gear Generators (Cyclo-Pelloid) 14 nos.     
( Capacity 110 mm Dia.; 1.5 module )  
Gear Lapper / Tester 1 no.
Gear Tester 1 no.
Cutter Sharpener 2 nos.
Gleason Section
Name of Machine Qty
Hypoid Bevel Gear Generators                                   2 nos.
( Capacity 3.5" Dia.; 1.5 module )  
Gear Lapper / Tester                                                       1 no.
Cutter Sharpener                                                             1 no.
Spur and Helical Gear Seciton
Name of Machine Qty
Gear Hobbing M/C 1
Hamai (Japan)
Max. Dia: 100 mm
Max. Length(of Job and Teeth): 180 mm
Capacity: 2 module
Helix Angle: 45 degrees
No Of Teeth: Min 4; Max 400


Machinery Division
Name of Machine Qty
CNC Machining Centers                                                 10 nos.
Universal Grinders                                                          3 nos.
Copy Turning Machines                                                 2 nos.
Automatic Machining Centers                                      4 nos. 
Internal Boring Machines                                              2 nos.
Vertical Broaching Machines (3 ton)                         2 nos.
Honing Machine                                                              1 nos.
Drilling & Tapping Machines                                      10 nos.   

Heat Treatment Facility
The entire Heat Treatment process is done at our associate concern under the name of M/s. Ravi Metal Treatment which has been approved by major Automobile producers like M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra / Telco etc. and is managed by Mr. Rachchh who is a qualified Metallurgist with over 20 yrs. of experience.
Total no. of Furnaces                                                    5 nos.
Heat Treatment
Case Hardening with Gas Carburizing.
Salt bath Heat Treatment.
Nitriding process.
Soft Nitriding.
Annealing / Isothermal annealing / Normalizing etc.
Induction Hardening

All Necessary Supporting Checking & Inspection Instruments such as:
Gear Tooth Verniers
Bevel Protectors
Pasa meters
Digital Vernier Callipers, Micrometers & Dial Gauges
Slip Gauge sets & Height Gauges
Bore Gauges
Conventional Gauges
Bench Center